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Thread: All browsers lead to old site need to purge this from them

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    All browsers lead to old site need to purge this from them

    I have a website which was a package I bought from one company. I then set up another site but want it to have the same web address. I have tweaked my DNS settings on my domain control panel but I still get directed to the old site.

    The new company tell me all is working from their end and I need to clear the old settings from my browser. I use firefox. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of absolutely everything from Firefox so I can start from scratch please?


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    1. Clear your cache and cookies. If I recall correctly, Firefox has a "Clear Private Data" tab. Check all the drop down menus till you find it. Clear everything.

    2. Download Flush to dump your flash cookies quickly.

    3. Uninstall all extensions if it still does not work.

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    Ooops sorry not to have acknowledged your post before now. I have been busy here and there and completely forgot I'd posted here. Sorry.

    Anyway thanks very much for your help. It turned out that my ISP had to clear their cache or something which they have now done and all is working as it should


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