So i have a rather large music collection 13000 +. and needless to it's a huge mess so after doing some research online i decided to try tune up.

Well hears my thoughts on the program.

let's start here the UI is super simple and very straight forward. Very Macish.

Thats pretty much where User friendly part of this program stops.

It clames to automagicaly fix your music and their is nothing automagicaly about it. 1st off you have to drag and drop your music in block of up to 500 songs at a time but i have found if you go over 250 or so the program all but shuts down.

It also clames that it compares you tunes to a giant data base to name them properly. well this much i figured out i have a few known tracks that are mislabeled ie I have a U2 cover of paint it black that has its info as paint it black by the stones. well tune up did fix the id3 tag but stil has it as the rolling stones.

Another thing with this program i noticed is it often will make multipul copies of the same album. it seems to be worst with greatest hits compilations. ie ABBA gold i now have 5 copies of this album for both disks.

As you clean up the files it also will put the art work in on many of them but the program has issues saving files often and to fix according to tune ups support page is in the permissions wich every one it couldn't save on my end was already read & write but it did save everything but the art work.

The next step is the art work tab which was a pain in the butt it locked up the my whole Mbp. I ended up using find cover art in iTune and it fixed most of the remaining cover art.

the last clean up feature is the de-duper that once again isn't so automagical but it dose work if you are diligent and take a gander at all the duplicates before dedupeing them.

Now their is a really cool feature called tuniverse that pulls up all sorts of info about the file your playing like the video on you tube concert dates and wiki stuff for the artist.

In closing i know a ran the software down but ultimately it worked just not as advertised and their is nothing auto magical about 7 days of work to clean up your iTunes but i also have a ridiculously large collection. I think this program would work fine for someone with a smaller collection but at 50 bucks its kind of steep price to clean a few thousand song.