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    Need help finding a kids drawing "game"
    Hi all,

    New to the forum and have a question that I was hoping someone could answer.

    A month or so ago my daughter and I were in the Apple store (picking up an Apple TV) when she saw a Mac with some kids software on it that she really liked. What I remember about it was that it was a drawing program that allowed you to pick a background and then create a drawing... and that there were "stamps" that you could edit. Unfortunately, though I wrote the name of the software down, I can't find the note.

    I went back to that store yesterday to buy it for her birthday (which is in May) but not only was it no longer on the Mac she was playing with, but I couldn't find it in the store and the employee I talked to didn't know what it might have been.

    Anyone out there have any idea what this might have been, based on my half-baked/lame description? Searched both the Apple site and Google, but didn't see anything that matched my memory of what it looked like/did.

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    Any chance it was KidPix? Sounds a bit like an older version of KidPix, before the new "3D" version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by technologist View Post
    Any chance it was KidPix? Sounds a bit like an older version of KidPix, before the new "3D" version.
    That looks like it. When I saw the current version on Apple's site, I was thinking that I didn't recall any 3-D stuff in it, but I found a description and screenshots of the previous version and I'm pretty sure that was what it was.


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