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chourreau 04-23-2011 04:08 PM

Exporting and importing your Itunes library
Hi there!

So here's my question...

I've been organising and arranging (put all the right names, artworks etc..) my Itunes library for more than 2 months so it is finally all organised as I wanted it to be.

My laptop has been very slow lately and I have been forced to formate it. But before it (as I knew all my files etc.. would be removed) I read about exporting the library and all and I saved my itunes folder aswell as the library in xml format to an external HDD.

I thought I would have to do the following to get my library back:
open up itunes and import library.
I get the following error message: Some of the songs in the file "library.xml" were not imported because they could not be found.
In my case none of the songs seem to have been found, as my library is absolutely empty on itunes.

Now I get it's a pathway problem between the playlist and the actual files, are there any specific steps I have missed, such as placing the music folder in the right place etc?
Right now my music folder is in user/music/music, where it was before formatting.
Thanks for your help, let me know if you find anything.

Deckyon 04-23-2011 06:41 PM

I just got done with a HUGE iTunes nightmare. I am still rebuilding the playlists (about 400) now, but taking a break... Long story, look for the "Catastrophic Drive Failure" post in the Switcher section...

I have been using iTunes since I got my first iPod some 8 years ago. I have kept all the music and media on an external drive so I can float between machines. I keep the library files on the PC, but the media on the external. So long as the external drive mounts on the same place for each computer, I never have to worry about it.

You may want to check out the Preferences on the Advanced tab in iTunes and make sure iTunes itself thinks the files are in the same location. Once you point to the correct location, you should be able to import without issue.

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