Hi there --

I'm writing a (movie) script using Word 2011. I've got custom formatted styles for all sections (sequence titles, character names, indications, dialogs, etc.).

What I would like is to be able to use the outline view to display a list of all sequences, that now use a custom "Sequence title" style, so these would be levels in outline view.

This came to mind after I created all styles, and I've been using these successfully for a couple of years.

Right now, when I switch to outline view, I expected all styles to be regular paragraphs (smaller handle), since non are based on Title styles. Yet it appears that all(?) "Character names" style are considered "Level 1" levels (meaning that they appear if I select "Level 1" in the drop down menu), and a couple of "Dialog" paragraphs are considered "Level 2".

What I need to do :

- Keep all formatting as it is right now
- Move all paragraphs and titles to regular paragraphs (smaller handle in outline view)
- Only affect "Sequence title" style to (say) "Level 2"

...so I can have a list of all sequences as Titles/Levels in outline view.

Any idea on how to achieve this without going through too much hassle?

Many TIA's for your input.