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    Student Version of MS Office
    Can you be in middle school/ highschool and buy the student version, or is this a college thing?

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    you can buy it... its a student teacher edition, it doesn't really have anything to do with the student discount.. i believe if you wanted the educational discount you have to be in highschool or college, middle school does not count.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aarow
    Can you be in middle school/ highschool and buy the student version, or is this a college thing?
    Well, technically anyone can buy or use it.
    If you are asking if you will get the Apple discount, then no, you won't.
    The Apple Student Discount is for College Students only.
    K-12 Teachers can get the discount, but not K-12 students.
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    From the MS site:
    "A. FULL OR PART-TIME STUDENT: You must be an enrolled student at an accredited K12 educational institution or higher education institution..."
    It goes on to include home-school students and full- or part-time faculty members. The only issue is that you may need ID from your school. If you don't have an ID card you can get a letter from the school verifying your status.

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    But its $100, even if your in highschool?

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    Yes, a high school student can buy it for $100 (or whatever it's going for these days).

    The retailer may ask you for an ID, so have it handy just in case.

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    Alright, sounds easy enough.

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    I think if its anything like the PC MS Student packs then you don't get any discs in the box just a form you have to fill in and include some form of proof you're a student, eg. a letter from your teacher.

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    go to for software if you are in school. Great Discounts!

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