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    Thunderbird Crashing OS X
    Hi all,

    Nice forum you have here!!

    I am sitting with a major pain. My manager (CEO of Diamond's Discount Liquor in South Africa), uses a Mac Book Pro, and recently wanted me to transfer all his data over from the Mac Book to his iMac, both running OS X 10.6.

    I do the companies I.T. support, and have always been working on Windows and Linux, so this was a nice new challenge for me.

    Everything went 100% fine till we got to Thunderbird, now it has turned into a living nightmare, as I want to get this working 100%, and I'm sure all of you can imagine how important e-mail is to a CEO of any company.

    So, let me give you some info on the situation I'm facing:

    I copied the entire folder from his Mac Book Pro under username>library>thunderbird to the iMac. Tested and it was working 100%, receiving mail, everything is there, etc, etc. Yet as soon as he closed the application and wanted to open it again, Thunderbird kept on crashing with an "Unknown Error has occurred" or something of the sort.

    I then proceeded to download the latest copy of Thunderbird and it worked fine. Last night just after I got home, the CEO phoned me again stating the the problem re-occurred.

    So this morning I tried removing Thunderbird again, recreating the profile and copying the data over, as soon as I copy the "Local Folders" over, it crashes the application again.

    The entire Thunderbird folder is 11.61GB in size, which is quite big for mail, so is it possible that the profile is corrupted?

    If so, it is still working 100% on the Mac Book Pro......

    I really have no idea why it would do this, as I've copied Thunderbird profiles over from one machine to another a few times before and it worked 100%, yet now, when it's a important person I need to do it for, it conks out.

    Any advice welcome.

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    Thunderbird sometimes does not take well to copying and moving profiles from one machine to another. It's usually better to install a copy fresh and start over. You can always sync your mail easy enough and depending on your ISP, may even be able to use IMAP.

    A T-Bird folder that size probably should be trimmed down anyway. Make sure you backup your CEO's hard drive before doing any moving or space saving.

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