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Thread: Quicktime Quirk

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    Quicktime Quirk
    Whenever i minimize a movie playing in quicktime, it does not continue to play in the dock, and will not return to the desktop when I click on it. The movie will return to the desktop when i click repeatedly on the quicktime application icon in the dock. When the movie does return to the desktop, the movie is still minimized on the dock at the same time, frozen exactly where it was when I minimized it. How would I go about fixing this quirk? Also, does anyone know how i can get codecs into quicktime? I am relatively new to the macintosh world, and any help would be appreciated...


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    Not sure if I can assist you with your Quicktime Dock Problem, but for Codec Info read this thread and follow the links:

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    The folks at apple said I should reinstall the OS and that there is NOTHING wrong with the software. I don't know if I believe them.

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