The purpose of this post is to trouble shoot our capture set up. We capture video game content from a PC to a Mac tower for marketing use. To emulate true game play at its best frame rate we NEED to capture a 3G signal at 1080p 59.94... Yes, we are aware this is not a traditional format, but the desired quality level for demos.

The Set up...

Mac tower with Kona 3g card, capturing video game content from a PC for professional demos using Final Cut Pro 7. A Britgheye Mitto scan converter is the intermediary between the PC and the Mac with the Kona 3G card installed.

The Video captures a 3G signal 59.94 1080p. However after capture the clips play back double speed. Iím curious of the cause of this and how to overcome it so the video will play back normal speed. This is desired for high end marketing demos as most games play at this frame rate.

As a test I also captured set to HD 29.97 1080i and the video captured and played back fine. However, this format is not the desired quality level we seek as we are admitedly pushing the envelope.

Any input is welcome....

Supplementry info...
Mac Tower: 2.66 Quad Core, 3GB Mem.

Mitto (scan converter):
Input: DVI from PC 1920x1080
Output:SDI port, NTSC, 3G, 1080p

Final Cut 7
Device Control: AJA Kona 3G 59.94 Panasonic VTR
Capture Input: AJA Kona 3G 59.94a Apple ProRes 422
Sequence set to match clip settings (59.94)

AJA is set to match Final Cut settings (59.94)