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Thread: Virtual PC 7 & tiger

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    Virtual PC 7 & tiger
    While attempting to install VPC 7 the error I get says:

    An item in the Startup Items folder ("/Library/StartupItems/VirtualPCOSServices") does not have the proper security settings."

    I clicked "FIX" and no help. I also tried "Disaable" and no help. I tried the Microsoft download: "VirtualPC702-1" supposed correction and still no help.

    While reinstalling VPC 7 I get to the point where a screen comes up asking for my name, password, and Product Key, but the "Continue" button is not highlighted; it stays dimmed, ee after typing in the Product Key.

    Background: Had a major poblem and reinstalled the original OS 10.1.5, still problems. Reformated the hard drive, and reinstalled Tiger. Am now at the point of reinstalling the rest of my other software.

    I'd sure appreciate if anyone has any ideas.

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    I had all the same problems with virtual pc and eventually dedcided it wasn't worth it and now actually have a real pc for those softwares that do not run well on macs.
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    try guestpc from version tracker as some say it better than virtual pc

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