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    iPhoto didn't respond to my 'quit' command, so I chose to force quit it. Before I did so, iPhoto had a problem connecting to Facebook, which seemed to cause iPhoto not being able to quit (this happened to me several times recently, and I always had to end up force quitting iPhoto). Every time I clicked on an album under FACEBOOK on the left column of the iPhoto application window, an error message came up saying "Facebook authentication with server failed. Please check your login and password information." I thought perhaps stopping iPhoto from syncing with Facebook would help, so I removed my Facebook account from iPhoto, in an attempt to set up the connection again where I would re-enter my login and password information.

    However, after this, when I clicked on a photo and then clicked the Facebook botton on the bottom right corner, then clicked Set Up in the message box to set up iPhoto to publish to Facebook, the Facebook login box never completed loading (it was all white and plank besides the loading bar on the bottom which never exceeded loading more than about 12%). I waited for more than half an hour and the loading didn't process any longer, so I closed the box. I tried this for several times in the next few hours and the same loading problem came up each time.

    In the mean while, the Faces under LIBRARY in iPhoto had an updating circle next to it which seemed never able to end the search. So I did some search over the Internet to find solutions to the problem, and came across with this: Apple - Support - Discussions - Authentication with server failed. ....

    The problems now were that 1) iPhoto could not load me to the Facebook login page for me to re-enter my Facebook information for iPhoto; and 2) iPhoto could not quit.

    Because the solution posed on the above link has a first step of "quit iPhoto", so I force quitted iPhoto and followed the 1) to 6) processes stated in that thread (i.e.: removed ~/Library/Caches/, ~/Library/Preferences/, and ~/Library/Preferences/ to trash; deleted inside Keychain Access; restarted computer; and launched iPhoto again).

    This time I could come to the Facebook login page on iPhoto, and quit iPhoto for no problem. However, I now find that some of the pictures I edited within iPhoto before force quitting do not show the modified versions when I open them, even though the modified versions are shown in thumbnails and they can be located in iPhoto library (~/iPhoto Library/Modified/*year*/*album name*/*picture name*). The other weird thing is - the problem does not occur to all photos I edited before force quitting (e.g. for two photos I edited one after another, one has the problem and the other does not).

    I did some search over the Internet before posting this message, and found one to be a possible solution to my problem: Apple - Support - Discussions - Photos show up in "Originals" and ...

    Nevertheless, I'm a bit resistent to downloading iPhoto Library Manager in thinking of the down sides of doing so, if there are any. What would be the best way to solve my current problem? How could I get iPhoto to recognize and link to the modified photos instead of the original files? By the way, I did not have this problem before force quitting iPhoto.

    Thank you all in advance for any inputs!

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    My only input is regarding iPhotoLibraryManager. I use it and not aware of any downsides.

    Very handy and useful APP!
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