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    MS Word 2011 freezing up new MBP Pro
    When using Word '11, the autosave recovery option causes the program to freeze up when the destination file is on a network folder.

    When manually saving files to/from the network folder to my MBP desktop, word also freezes often.

    Does anyone know if this is a common issue with MS Office 2011?

    I am trying to rule out whether or not this has something to do with the MBP itself, as I'm having other issues (dropped wireless connection 20-30 times/day, audio issues, etc) and would appreciate any input. Thanks.

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    I believe this is an issue with trying to auto recover to and from a network folder. I don't think Word can use a network folder for that purpose. Set your auto recovery folder to your internal hard drive and it will work OK. The same might apply when saving to and from a network folder. There may be a work around for both but I currently don't know of one. The folks who provide support in the MS Office Mac forums may be your best source of help for that one. Here is the LINK.

    As for your other problems with the machine, post in the proper forums and we'll try to assist.

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    same issues
    I've been having the same issues. I'm in law and work in MS Word on a regular basis in fairly large files (two to three 50+ pages files open at once). I never used to have this problem with MC word on Mac but since I upgraded to Leopard and to MS Word 2011, it crashes at a MINIMUM of once per week. Luckily, the auto recovery is pretty good and I don't lose as much work as I did on 07-08 version in Snow Leopard which didn't crash nearly as much as this version does but, when it did, it crashed my world with it! Many times, autosave didn't work and I lost hours of work, which is what originally prompted me to upgrade both systems.

    However, that doesn't change the fact that the crashing that occurs on a sometimes daily basis and it's a huge pain and takes 5 minutes to recover! Although I've never been a huge fan of Pages and know all the ins and outs of Word am not keen on learning a new system, MS Word reminds me daily of why I don't own a PC.

    If anyone has any tips, I'd love to try to figure this stuff out!

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