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    Music video Itunes
    I'm not sure if this has been asked bfore or not but..I just downloaded the new Coldplay cd that comes with a video interview and I noticed when I double click it, I only hear the interview and dont see it. So I went into my itunes music folder and changed it to 'open with quicktime' and it worked, but still when I double click it in itunes all I hear is the sound. Anyway, is there a way I can double click it on my itunes and, say get quicktime to pop up and play the interview? thanks!

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    nevermind i figured it out!

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    Well, post what you did to get it to work. Others on the forum may be interested, myself for one.

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    okay well it actually does play in iTunes just the way it comes, no converting or anything necesary. In the bottom left of itunes there is a button called 'show artwork' (it looks liek a sqyare with a triangle in it). Click that, a square thing comes up, and play your video. This window will also display album artwork, and if u single clock the screen, it will open the video in a new window that can be resized to be viewed larger.

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