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    Alternative Office Programs
    By Alternatie i mean free
    and by Office i mean like Powerpoint, Word, Etc.

    So, any suggestions?

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    There is Open Office and Neo Office. Open Office is really for Linux but there is a version that runs great on OSX if you install X11 from the OSX CD. The reason I prefer NeoOffice is they took the Open Office project and made it more OSX Aqua so it looks and works a lot more like a real OSX Application. Both are free but I use NeoOffice as it loads faster and does not need X11 to load first, plus it looks and works a lot more like a real Mac application. Both do Word, Excel and Power Point and are quite compatible with Microsoft Office documents.

    Hope that helps you.

    iWork is getting there but there still is not an Excel application included, but Pages works great, but it's $79. Try NeoOffice. You can not beat the price!!

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    yea id stick with neo office as i cant even get open office working and i have X11 installed!

    also OOo is about to finalise open office 2 so there will be a new neo office coming as soon as OOo2 passes beta testing

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    yeah definetly go neooffice. it is the best thing besides ms office ( i hate to say that)

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    My vote also goes for NeoOffice. No need for X11 because it's quite slow. Haven't personally used it though because I'm using Microsoft Office 2004 :p

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