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boarderjosh10 08-26-2005 05:00 PM

No sound in Garageband
I have garageband 2 installed, and it doesnt play the sounds at all, no music, nothing. So I looked in the preferences of garageband and for the ouput and input it has Built in Audio selected. Well the other option is Soundblaster Audigy NX which is what my sound comes out of normaly for all my other apps. The problem is that the option in garageband is greyed out and right next to it it says, not 44.1. Which I am assuming is 44.1 kHz. I have no Idea how to change this. I think it is a software issue. I already looked under system preferences>sound and there isn't an option I have found that lets me use 44.1kHz frequency, or change the frequency at all.

If this is a hardware problem sorry for posting it in the wrong place...


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