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Thread: Saving a .mpeg Movie in Safari

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    Saving a .mpeg Movie in Safari
    I'm having trouble saving .mpeg movies off the internet using Safari. I didn't have any problems untill I download the software updates.

    The movie downloads and plays correctly in Safari but when I save a .mpeg movie in the web browser it saves the movie but the file size is 12 KB, it should be 1 MB and when you try to play the movie in Quick Time it's just a black screen.

    Anyone know what the problem is?

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    I think it's not saving the film, just the wrapper that then grabs the movie off a web server.

    Maybe try viewing the source and seeing if you can figure out the direct link for the .mpeg file, then copy that into Safari somewhere (not the address bar), ctrl-click it and select 'Download linked file'.

    Alternatively try saving the entire page as a web archive (save as in safari).

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