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    Apple Remote Desktop 2.2
    I have a 10.3.9 server and when I connect to it with ARD and run the RAID admin tool the Apple Remote Desktop session hoses up and I am unable to take control of the server. All other apps seem to run fine when connected to the server with ARD. The only way we can run the RAID admin is if it is run directly from the server. The RAID admin tool works fine from the server. Anybody have any ideas on a fix for this.

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    Hi, i hope you can help me!!, i recently installed ARD 2.2 in my computers, ( imac g5 & emac g4 ), the one that i use is the iMac, and my friend got the emac, both are running with 10.4.6, he can observe, control and do everything from the emac to my imac, i can't control or observe him, but still can do anything any ideas??....what should i do?

    thanks a lot!....


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