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    Question Apple Works
    First time so don't laugh to hard. I don't know even know if this is how you ask a question by starting a new thread? Anyway here it goes.
    I have an IMac G5 which I bought in 2005 with the software Apple Works currently at 6.2.9. Why now every time I create a document with the word processor portion a "cwk" appears after the document name. I believe it is giving it a name but why "cwk"? And secondly why is it now impossible for some of the recipients of this document to open it up (i.e. PC users)? And lastly, should I send it as a HTML or Text document instead while loosing all of the graphics?
    I hope I did this correct.

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    Why don't you just buy a copy of iWork09 and get rid of Apple Works? The Pages word processor in iWork09 can save to the MS Office document format which is just about universally used everywhere.

    As for your Apple Works documents.... I'm not sure which PC application can read them or for that matter which Mac application? But I guess you can always save them in plain text. I would not use HTML. If Apple Works saves in RTF format, use that instead.

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    Thank you chscag,
    I do need to break down and buy Iworks or Microsoft Office I guess. I did find out that cwk was the old Claris Works. Funny seeing it pop up now!? Thanks again, Younger

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    ClarisWorks (I think. I recently got rid of my old discs and manuals. Wikipedia agrees with me though.)

    When I saw "Apple Works" my initial reaction was, "Why, yes, it does!"

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    There is probably an advantage to buying iWork as it will work with the format of your .cwk files better than MS Office will.


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