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    Problems with IMovie and Divx Plus
    When I tried to play the iMovie tutorial I get the following box

    “Divx Plus Web Player

    The file you are trying to play has failed to finish downloading and can no longer play”

    How do I get the correct file back so that I can play the tutorial

    Is Divx Plus an integral part of iMovie?

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    Divx has nothing to do with your Mac unless you have installed Divx and allowed it to set itself as the default player.

    You need to supply more info - what OS X version are you using - where are you getting the video that you are attempting to play?
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    Bobtomay Tks for this reply and recent warning -- I wii not do same questions under multiple sites again. i honestly didn't know.

    As far as my question goes, I think you have answered it for the most part. MY system is Mac OS X 10.6.6 (is that snow leopard?) Right now I am just trying to view the tutorial clips that come with iMovie.

    If I don't need Divx, how do I get it of my Mac and make my iMovie the default6?


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