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Thread: Genealogy Program for OS X

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    Feb 17, 2011
    Genealogy Program for OS X
    Bought my first MAC seven months ago. Installed Parallels on it so I could run an old windows version of Family Tree Maker for PC.

    Would like to go completely MAC by buying a genealogy program for MAC. Was going to buy Reunion but then Family Tree Maker for MAC came out. Been waiting to see a comparison view of both.

    Anyone here use either program? Or have any suggestions on which program is best for MAC.


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    Moved to correct forum and edited title for clarity. What does this have to do with "Rumors and Reports"? Please read our forum descriptions before posting.

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    Howdy. I have used Reunion for six years. Originally bought it to set a genealogy report in a book. Worked fine. Since then I have kept up with my family and my wife’s family. Easy, intuitive, and responsive forum. No problems, always does what I need.
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    PAWriter II
    I started with Family Tree in 1991 on a DOS/Win 3.1 machine. Upgraded to Generations (by Sierra) in 1998. To get my gedcom data onto my iMac, I installed the freebie PAWriter II. (La Nopalera). It is a bare bones App, but it's as good as the 1998 Generations prog. When I decide to get serious again about genealogy, I'll look for an App with more features.

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