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    10.4 App updates (Safari, iChat AV) help wanted!
    Sorry to be a pest, don't know anyone locally to ask my questions.

    Recently upgraded my (desk lamp) iMac from 10.2 to 10.4, and some of the new application upgrades are confusing me a tiny bit. Nothing bad at all, just small things that annoy me that I'm sure you people can answer.

    In Safari, I detest the new font. I know you'll all be inclined to say 'get used to it' but I really would rather figure out how to get it looking like it did in Jaguar. I've changed the font in Preferences but it doesn't seem to have any affect at all on the sites I frequent. This new font is too smooshed.

    As for iChat AV, what sort of support does it have for video chat with another user not using iChat (if there's any at all)?

    Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.

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    as far as the font, did you change the standard or the fixed width font? as far as ichat, it will work with aim or any other supported clients that use video /audio.

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    I tried changing it to Lucidia Grande (16) and Lucidia Grande (13) for fixed-width, and having them as default. Text looked exactly the same.

    As far as I know, I have never once touched my fonts folder, moving/deleting/ect. No idea what's going on.

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