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    Mac Mail POP IMAP Multiple Computer Duplicate E-Mail Problem on Laptop
    I am having a problem with duplicate e-mails. I used to have Mac Mail set up on my iPhone and then a POP set up in my Mac Mail desktop. Now, I have a Macbook Pro, so I set up the Mac Mail, but it set it up with an IMAP. It's a disaster! I have about 15 copies of every e-mail I send and receive. I put them in the trash, and when I search for something the ones in the trash come up as well as sent mail, all mail, it's a disaster. How can I fix this? I wish I could just go back to POP and just re-check the e-mail rather than have this duplicate e-mail situation on my laptop. Please Help!

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    In my opinion POP stinks compared to IMAP. If you are truly using IMAP then the messages should all be on the mail server. I would delete all the accounts in Mail and start over. I use only IMAP and have zero issues. I am sure someone will chime in with some POP love, but this is just my opinion. Who's IMAP are you using?

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