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Thread: Which version of Adobe InDesign will run on an old silver G4 Tower?

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    Question Which version of Adobe InDesign will run on an old silver G4 Tower?
    Which version of Adobe InDesign will run on a silver G4 Tower?

    Mac OS X V 10.3.9 / Prc 733Mhz PowerPC G4 / Mem 1.25GB sdram

    It's my old machine, it works perfectly well and I'm about to donate it to a charity. But I need to first install InDesign, as I'll be teaching this to the people working there.

    CS4 doesn't work I have tried

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you tried asking Adobe?
    Experience teaches you to recognise a mistake when you make it again.

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    haha yeah I tried the Adobe website first, went round in circles trying to find the answer to my question, and it wasn't helpful at all. The site is too big to deal with email inquiries.

    Tried Jigsaw24 and they were very helpful - told me the machine is too old to be upgraded, and that CS2 would be ok to use with it, and to look on eBay as they didn't sell it, only newer versions.

    Seems a shame that the machine can't be upgraded - you'd think they would be able to do something with it, maybe I can get it recycled & made into a MacBookPro?!

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    Reading the link below it seems CS2 is the best way to go:

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