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    How to use PS3 Controller with COD 4 ?
    Hi All,

    I have searched endlessly for a solution for this, but havent found anything solid.

    I have a Macbook Pro April 2010 15" i7 .

    I have downloaded and installed COD4 Modern Warfare1.

    I know that you can use a PS3 Pad with mac via bluetooth on OSX 10.6.x and Later. So the bluetooth connects to my laptop fine, but cant find any options to play with the Pad, instead of Keyboard/Mouse in-game of COD?

    I have therefore downloaded GamePad Companion from Apple website and setup all the PS3 Buttons in place of the Keyboard equivalent buttons, Hit Start, and surprise surprise, it still didnt change or work!

    Any ideas guys?
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    I used controllermate.

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    +1 for controllermate, very versatile program and pretty easy to setup, they also have all the info on their website. It costs $15.00 but is worth it in my opinion. I'm sure there are free ones out there too, have a quick search on Google i'm sure you'll find what you are looking for
    Linky link:

    OrderedBytes :: Purchase ControllerMate

    - Simon

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    Thanks guys, will give this a check! I youtubed "Controllermate" to see if theres any tutorials on how to customise controls, and came across this, which I guess is excatly what Im looking for!

    YouTube - How to use a PS3 Controller with CoD 4 Mac OS X (controllermate)

    Thanks !
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