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    Unhappy Final Cut/ Compressor issues after switching drives
    Hello potential assisters,

    I'm running the Final Cut Studio 2 suite on my MBP (late 2007) and I'm having some issues running Compressor. I'm finishing a professional music video, and in the middle of editing, purchased a new external (WD caviar 2tb). I moved the capture scratch/ fcp file and changed the location in system settings. Everything has run great- except when I send the file to Compressor, it runs through all the frames but fails every time. I've tried multiple different compressions, but nothing works (mpeg-2/dolby, uncompressed, .mov, all usual standbys). It was AVCHD video to begin with, but its now in Apple's prores intermediate codec, so maybe that's the issue? Please, if you have ANY suggestions I'd love to hear them.


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    what drive are you streaming the video files off of? i recommend doing it off the internal: higher data transfer rate.
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    Internal is full, thus the external. It's said to spin between 5400 and 7200 depending on what's being asked of it (WD's gimmick, but like I said, has worked great for everything but Compressor). It's running FW400, so there shouldn't be any problem with data transfer rate. I'm wondering if maybe it's a bug in the program, or if theres some location mixup, or something.

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