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    Outlook 2011 and email attachments

    Does anyone know how to stop Outlook 2011 automatically downloading email attachments when connected over MS Exchange 2007?

    I have work emails containing large attachments which runs very slowly over Outlook Anywhere, and is taking up space on my hard drive. On my home machine I don't really need access to the attachments, as long as I can send and receive messages. I know that Apple Mail lets you sync emails and omit attachments, but I can't seem to find a similar option in Outlook 2011.

    I would use Apple Mail, but I already have that configured for my personal email accounts, and I would like to keep it separate if possible.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Exchange account server settings
    Download headers only
    If you have a slow network connection, you can use this option to improve performance. Only message headers are automatically downloaded to your computer. Therefore, large messages (and any attachments) are downloaded only if you select them in the message list. However, when you are offline, you can't read the message bodies or attachments.

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