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Thread: iTunes oops

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    iTunes oops
    I've managed to dump a whole load (around 590 I believe) of Mac System sounds into iTunes. Not real sure how I managed that -too much haste not enough speed I reckon.

    Anyway, now I can't get them out of iTunes! The Delete key doesn't, dragging them to trash wont, they menu commands are just greyed out... I'm stumped.

    Obviously, I want to retain the actual files in their respective, appropriate locations -I just want them all out of iTunes! Would welcome any suggestions!
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    All the system sounds should still be in their original locations anyway.
    Best thing for you to do I reckon would be to create a new library (open itunes while holding the "alt" key), then re-drag all you music etc into there, once done delete the old library.

    - Simon

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    Thanks Simon, I have done that... but I ain't exactly thrilled with the results! The new library has none of my apps, videos, photo's, playlists, plays (upon which a few of my playlists are based) amongst other things... and all of this just to remove a few (ok, 500+) system sounds accidentally added to the original library!

    I'm thinking there must be a better way -please? anyone?
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    if im right in thinking they are all .aiff files, surely you could just search that, then delete the ones that arent songs? (they could be .caf, like garageband)

    obviously im assuming here that you dont rip your music with the aiff codec.
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    RS: Do you have iTunes set to manage your Library? That is: in 'Preferences - Advanced', do you have 'Copy files to iTunes Media folder...' checked?

    You've not given us any clue how you managed to add them to iTunes. But, if you have that checked, iTunes would have made a copy of them when they were added and left the originals right where they were. You'd be safe deleting them all from iTunes as you're only deleting the copies.

    Edit: I was tired last night and just re-read your post. Guess you can forget that.
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