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Thread: Mail App Issue

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    Feb 01, 2011
    Unhappy Mail App Issue
    I have a Mac Mini, and I am having some problems with the mail application.

    I can't receive any emails, and I'm having problems sending them. I get a spinning wheel beside the 'sent' folder like it trying to send the last email, and it puts a copy of the email into the 'outbox'.

    Mail thinks the email isn't sending, but it has sent the email, and continues to send it over and over.

    I have deleted the email out of the outbox, as well as stopping mail from sending the current email, but everytime I re-open mail it starts the process over again...

    Does anyone know what this problem could be, and how I fix it?

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    Feb 15, 2010
    try deleting the original one, and set a new one from the beginning.

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    Go into your Systems Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS and see what is recorded there under DNS Servers. There should be a Primary and a Secondary IP address. These are available from your ISP.
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    mail app not responding
    my mail app suddenly stopped responding....

    i try to launch it and I get the beach ball from ****!!!!!! nothing is working...

    tried deleting the preferences from the library, reinstalling it, repairing permissions.... nothing works...


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