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Thread: Streaming video/audio help please

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    Streaming video/audio help please
    I've been having problems with hearing the audio when trying to view (quicktime) streaming video clips from my browser (safari, netscape and internet explorer). When the video starts to stream, I'll get maybe a half second of the sound and then it will go out but the video will continue without any problems or delays. Sometimes, I'll get another half second of sound somewhere towards the middle of the clip. It's almost like the sound can't keep up with the video.

    I've gone into the system preferences and tried disabling the 'instant-on' feature or slowing it down, but that only stops the whole clip from playing. I've downloaded DivX and just tried ZyGoVideo but those don't help either. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I've got RealPlayer and WMP just in case.

    Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

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    I have not been able to hear audio at all on any quicktime stream since Tiger. Anyone know what is up and how to fix?

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    It could simply be due to buffering issues or individual site problems, though if it happens for all clips or several different sites it is likely not the problem. Have you tried Firefox? You could also see if there is an option to download the clip to your HD and play it from there.
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    I have the same problem, too...
    Guys, this seems to be a serious bug... I can't hear any audio when viewing the Quicktime stream of Apple's Media Event where the iPod nano/iTunes 5 were introduced. And now that I think about it, more than once, I was unable to hear audio on QuickTime movies. Not all of them, just a few... I tried reinstalling QT, to no avail. And QT 7.0.2 didn't fix the problem, either (btw, I'm running OS X 10.4.2). Any ideas?? Thanks...

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    Big Bug
    How could I use Foxfire? Quicktime streams open the Quicktime app. Where audio is not present for any quicktime streams. I too have the latest versions of Mac OS and Quicktime.

    I am sad, I am missing out on the Media Event...


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    So I opened and closed Garageband and it fixed the problem with no audio in quicktime! Crazy right? Try it.

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