Hello everyone.

I am running the newest iMac with OS X 10.6.6 and i purchased FCE 4.0 at Christmas.

I also have the Sony Nex-5 Camera and so far have been using iMovie to make mini edits for extreme sports, no problems at all with iMovie.

I use the internal card reader on the side of the monitor to import the videos. As the files wont go straight in to FCE i import them in to iMovie as it seems to read them ok, then export it to FCE using iMovie

I found out after buying it that FCE doesnt support the format that the NEX-5 runs in (MTS. - AVCHD)
So far ive managed to get the files on to the program by exporting them as an XML or exporting them using Quicktime but they always come up as unrenderd. Ive then renderd the files and it seemed to work fine until i tried to do something with the clip e.g. speed up. It says it is unrenderd again.

I have heard there are ways around getting the files in to FCE with no problems but cant work out how.

Anyone got any advice thats quite hassle free?? If possible i dont want to use a convertor as i want to keep the quality.
Either that or any other editing software for my mac that is likely to be compatible with MTS.

Here is a review on my camera if anyone is not sure of the Nex-5

Sony NEX-5 Review