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    Software/Freeware developed by mac users
    Hello all. I've been lurking for a few days now thinking about purchasing a mac to use for my graduate work. From what I've read, Apple keeps a close eye on hardware and software that is developed for the mac platform. However, I see widgets, freeware, etc that is posted ON the apple website, much of which is created by other mac users.

    I guess any program can create problems for a computer, but I'm just wondering if I need to be as cautious as I am now with downloading freeware for my PC, especially programs created by single individuals. Or is the mac platform "immune" to such programming conflicts that people can make programs that "just work". I don't think Microsoft would have links to "Freeware" on their website.

    Or perhaps , this is just anxiety from being a long-time , frustrated pc user.

    Thanks for your input!

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    I don't think you need to worry

    download things from and and you will not run into any issues
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    any mac software developers?
    i use a mac program called reaper for audio recording

    I also own a roland vs-1880 recording machine which has a very specific format not recognizable by mac or pc

    A programmer at "vs planet", a forum for the roland machines programmed a batch file that would recognize and convert the roland cd backups so that the songs can be re-mixed on pc.

    I was hoping someone could do the same on mac?

    If there are any programmers on here who want to develop an app that would be wildly popular with musicians who use mac, reply and i can put you in touch with the programmer at VS planet.

    Us mac users need your help to develop this tool for mac


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