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    iCal alarms aren't working :(

    As I've realized over the last two days (where I missed some classes and breakfast times) the alarms I set in my iCal, which once worked like a charm for years, aren't going off anymore.

    Usually, I set it to open a song, and the song plays at the right time.

    Now it'll just go past the event like nothing happened. Today I missed breakfast to it

    So now I'm looking into trying to get it to work before my classes tomorrow. I've set various alarms with various settings (messages instead of files, etc) and rebooted the app and the computer a couple times. No matter what it just ignores the alarms.

    All the preferences look ok, and the two checkboxes that say "only when it's open, etc" are unchecked. Either way, I always leave the iCal open, and always leave the laptop on.

    I've tried deleting a couple of pref files and caches that other threads in the past have said worked for them, but nothing happened.

    I'm using a MBP with 10.5.8, and I'd rather not have to reinstall everything.

    It was working with message alarms JUST YESTERDAY

    So if it can't be fixed, what are some other good alarm/calendar apps that WILL work? It's crucial the alarm be music, nothing else will work with me.

    And I don't close the laptop to go to sleep, I just have it plugged in, turn the brightness on the screen and keys way down, and the volume up to full.


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    It can be fixed. It works for me! (also using 10.5.8)

    Try logging in under a different user account. If you don't have one, create one in System Preferences > Accounts.

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