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Thread: re-installing keychain

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    Angry re-installing keychain
    I dont know the password to keychain. I was wondering why i cannot find a downloadable copy of keychain and a way to re-install the program wiping out the previous one, basically a fresh keychain. I don't have any of the discs as i have had the mac for a few years now. The reason it is bothering me is that i have to enter my internet network password manually everytime i boot up or awake, and it is a lengthy password consisting of random numbers and letters. I would like to be able to have it saved, but don't know how to go about it. If i absolutely cannot re-install keychain, is there another program i can use to save network passwords? I have been looking for one but have not come across any that seem to work. Please help. Thanks.

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    You really need to get hold of a new copy of your original install disks just to be able to do basic trouble shooting if ever you should need to do so.

    As for the keychain app, it's not downloadable from Apple. However, why don't you just open the keychain and delete the old entries from Airport or what other passwords that are not working? After that you should be able to enter the password and keychain will remember it. You don't need a password to enter the keychain

    Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain

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    You might also try the "Keychain First Aid" option under the KeyChain Access application menu. Sometimes that fixes minor issues like this.

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