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    Can anyone recommend a speech to text program
    I have been asked to transcribe an 18 minute video on youtube... Rather than taking the time to pause the video ever so often and type it out I was going to see if anyone could offer a program that does this?
    I know there is a program at that does speech to text (its called dragon dictate) but i am not sure that it will work for websites or if it is something that i have to talk into a mic or something for it to work... that make sense at all?
    thanks for the help

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    I would not expect Dragon Dictate to be very good at this type of task. he problem is that in the setup for Dragon Dictate you need to read a specific text passage for the program to train itself to your voice.

    Nuance has another program built specifically for transcription Nuance - MacSpeech Scribe . By my reading though it may still require the same voice training process. It might be worth contacting them to check it out to be sure.
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    Agreed with above. If you want to see what automated transcription programs are capable of, just watch some of the CSPAN coverage with close captioning turned on. After about five minutes of missed words, misused homonyms, and just wrong words, you'll wish you were just typing it out yourself.

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    Here's another option that might work for you: Reciting the speech into a trained copy of Dragon Dictation using your own voice.

    The way this would work is that you play the video and listen to it on headphones, then recite what the speaker is saying (remembering to say punctuation out loud). Dragon, not being able to hear the original but being able to hear you, would transcribe you.

    I recently tested Nuance's Dragon Dictation and it works pretty much like Apple's built-in dictation but without the 30-second time limit, and with very little training was very accurate (but then I have a trained speaking voice).

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