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    Increase Built-in VNC Security?
    Here's my dilemma, I like using Mocha VNC to connect to my Mac when the need arrises, but frankly the pathetic little password it allows just isn't secure enough for me to leave it open all the time. Obviously if it isn't open all the time it does me no good because I can't always predict when I need to use it.

    I have tried TeamViewer as an alternative and I do like its features and power, but I don't like having another app running all the time just waiting for me to log in and taking space in the Dock...bottom line it just isn't as slick a solution as the VNC.

    Is there some way I can continue to use VNC and increase the password length requirement? Perhaps a terminal command or something like that?

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    Note that by default VNC isn't very secure. Most network admins want you to run VNC over VPN or SSH so all traffic is encrypted.
    Virtual Network Computing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I understand that teamviewer is another program on the dock - but I still recommend using it. It is the most secure, easiest to configure, free solution out there. It does file transfer and now it seems there is a VPN function (which I haven't played with) Plus if you sign up you can see a list of all computers that you manage

    Lastly I also figured out if you are on your LAN you can use team viewer just through local resources.
    How to use TeamViewer on your local network

    Anyway - to answer you question about VNC try this - then you can set a longer password - but you are still running another program in the dock
    Penn Biology - Computing - Secure VNC (Mac OS X)

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    I ran across those Penn Biology instructions shortly after posting here, but you are correct it would still mean another app. I wonder if it would be possible to use SSH to connect to the built-in Mac VNC instead of using Vine and Chicken of the VNC.

    I do like TeamViewer for all the reasons you noted, but it just isn't very attractively or intuitively designed...I'm guessing it was Windows only at first? The iPhone app is really nice though. I'll probably just keep using it until something better comes along.


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