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    Unhappy Time Machine Problem
    Time machine has been working GREAT. Storing on an external Iomega eGo Portable Drive. School District took my laptop and re-imaged it and installed Snow Leopard. Now, time machine will not write to the external drive. Ran Disc Utilities, and external drive has no problems. HELP!!!!!

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    Since you now have a new OS installed, I would imagine your new installation of Time Machine does not want to sync with the data file created by the old installation created under Leopard.

    I would delete the sparsebundle file on your external and start Time Machine again. It should start a new backup from scratch. Even if you could continue to write to the existing backup, there would be so many system file changes, that I'd worry about the backup's integrity. Although Leopard and Snow Leopard look almost, they are completely different operating systems.

    When OS 10.7 Lion comes out, once I have it up and running, I'll be deleting my Snow Leopard backup and starting over regardless of whether or not it allows my to continue to write to it.

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