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    Auto filter in Office: Mac vs PC
    Don't know if this is the right forum.

    I have a simple XLS worksheet with about 300 rows. When I apply the auto-filter in PC I can select more than one value/category per column and filter the data. However, in Mac it only appears as if I can select one value/category per column.

    In PC there are small boxes to select what you want; not so in Mac.

    Is it hiding from me?

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    What version of Office are you running? I just tried Office 2011 and I have the selection box to choose more than one per column.

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    Then that is probably it. I should have mentioned the Office version. It is 2008.

    When the drop-down menu appears and you select an option the spreadsheet automatically filters, and any subsequent selections do not work.

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    Let's get this to the correct forum. Does not belong in "Switcher".

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