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Thread: OS X chess

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    OS X chess
    Do you guys play OS X chess?

    I have a few times but the computer has always beaten me
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    I love chess, but Apple has a supercomputer chess mind in this game it seems like and I get my butt whooped 99% of the time. I always play it when I'm in a boring class in college

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    Jan 30, 2005
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    I have played it a few times... I don't know what is wrong with all ya'll.... I win every time!!!

    If you set it to the easiest setting
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    I do set it to the easiest setting! I love chess, just suck at it hehe.

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    i suck at chess

    my apple is bling *tisk tisk, you shouldn't have any bling.. just nice things*

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    I put it on the easiest setting and I always lose too.

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    I have played a few times. Have not won a fair played match yet :alien:

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    May 13, 2005
    i have played it many times. i have played a few computer chess games and the apple one seems to be the tuffest. even on the easy setting it is tuff.

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