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    DVD and conversion help..
    Hi..I am trying to think about converting dvd's on my iMac os x 10.6.6 so i can play them back on my iPad.

    This was simple enough on my windows PC to rip a DVD as the DVD reader was set to read dvd's from any region, but I know that my iMac is not. I am in europe ( thats dvd region 2) and have dvd's from North America I would like to convert to play back on my ipad/apple TV. I know that apple would want me to pay again and again and again for the same thing, but is there a way to convert my DVDs from both region 1 and 2 without compromising the number of 'dvd region' setting options the mac allows? you have 5 attempts before the mac locks onto only 1 specific dvd code. I hate that the mac cannot be made dvd region free :-(

    I have looked at handbrake, but am unsure if I put in a non-region dvd for conversion if it counts against the number of 'attempts' my mac keeps in determining what region the dvd player ultimately locks onto.

    This awful feature of an un-lockable dvd drive prevents me from enjoying my movie collection on my mac :-(

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    Moved. Does not belong in "Switcher".

    Also, please make sure you read this Sticky Post.

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    you can use handbrake to convert the files from Raw dvd files (VOB.) hand brake re encodes them using H.264 to reduce the file size. then you can play them on your ipad.

    however i dont think im allowed to tell you how to get the raw files from the dvd on this forum. however this overcomes the region barrier, i used this to watch an american dvd someone sold me and i didnt notice what region it was.
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