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    Unhappy CoD 4 For MAC, Keyboard Issue
    Hi, I used to play Call Of Duty alot on my PC and now I have a mac I have just brought CoD4 from the new mac app store.

    When I played Call Of Duty on my PC I used the ALT key to sprint and it has come natural to me and want to be able to use the cmd (apple key) on my apple keyboard to sprint as it is in the same location as the ALT key.

    My problem is when setting up my keyboard settings and I try to bind this key in the options it wont select it for me.

    Is there a way to over come this issue rather than just trying to use a different key?

    Many thanks,


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    Smile No way that I can think of,but............
    I have been playing COD4 (disc retail) for a while now and could not figure out how to re-map my keys so I did the next best thing........I bought a new gaming mouse and mapped the shift key to it. Not the perfect fix but I have become very happy with the setup. Razer Rules!!!!!!!

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    Or, you can just buy an inexpensive USB standard keyboard. Just about any USB keyboard will work. The cheap Windows keyboards work fine.

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