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Thread: iCal issues

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    iCal issues

    Started up iCal today, and it is having some major issues. First, it doesn't display the month/year as it did before (Jan 2011); it now shows 1 2011. Second, the days of the week are now numbers not names. And Sunday has been shifted to the end of the week. So the days across the top are "2 3 4 5 6 7 1". Finally, when I try to open the preferences, iCal just crashes. Tried a restore. No luck.
    Anyone ever seen this type of issue before?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Can't say that I've ever heard of such strange things happening with iCal. You could try creating a default plist file:

    First, Quit iCal.
    Go to:
    to find the file

    Drag that to the Desktop for safekeeping.
    Open iCal. This will create the default plist.

    Hope that helps!
    (I'm not at a Mac, so I also hope the above is accurate!)

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