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    Safari very slow
    I am new to MAC and notice when browsing using Safari, the pages are very slow in loading. On my Windows box, I use IE and it is much faster. Am i better installing Firefox or IE on the MAC?


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    What are your OS/hardware specs?
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    New 15 inch PB with 1Gb of RAM. Using 10.4.2

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    Since you are running tiger, it should not be that slow at all. Sometimes IE on a P4 with fast video does seem snappier on some sites, but since 10.3.9 and now Tiger Safari keeps right up with my PC these days. Try Firefox and Camino and see if you see any difference.

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    This really speeds up FireFox...
    I'm using Panther, this speeds up Safari, don't know if it works with Tiger, speeds up loading pages pretty good.. Open up terminal, paste this in... defaults write WebKitInitialTimedLayoutDelay -float 0.25 really speeds it up..The only thing, if you quit Safari you have to do it again, haven't figured out how to save it..

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