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Thread: Recommendations for .doc to PDF creator

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    Recommendations for .doc to PDF creator
    Hi everyone,

    I am just wondering if anyone can recommend an application that will enable me to convert word docs into PDF files? The catch (which has meant I have been unable to find anything) is that it needs to run on a Mac and enable me to add a watermark to the background.



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    PDF conversion is already built into the Mac operating system. As for the watermark, you'll have to add that with MS Word first before converting to PDF.

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    you can convert doc file to pdf from page. Open the file, go to print. drop down the section in print you can see.. "save as pdf"... I always use that. it is fast and simple.

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    PDF support is built into Word - no need to use the "print" method. File > Save As... > PDF will get the job done.

    As for the watermark, in Word 2011 go to Layout > Watermark in the ribbon.
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