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    Error code -39 by the audio driver
    Been getting this message on a particular song I'm working on in Garageband while exporting the song. A Google search brings me this

    To resolve the issue:

    1. Click the Continue button to dismiss the alert message.
    2. From the GarageBand application menu, choose Preferences.
    3. Select the Audio/MIDI pane.
    4. Set the Audio Input and Audio Output menus to the correct audio interface. For most users, this will be Built-in Audio.
    5. Close the Preferences window.

    Does not work as the preferences are already were they need to be (Built In Audio etc)
    Any help?

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    i could give you a workaround to export your song: download audio hijack and soundflower. route your system audio to play into soundflower, then record the output of soundflower with audio hijack while playing the song in garageband. its more of a pain, but it will get it done.
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    Thank you,I will give that a try

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