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    Is editing games running through DOSBox possible?
    Hi All,

    For weeks I have been chasing an old DOS favourite of mine - X-Com: Terror from the Deep and found it earlier today -

    I'm very technical Windows wise but still very much a newbie on Mac / OSX etc. The game itself is one file that runs through DOSBox, no application folder with game / save / data files. I remember from my youth, there was a great saved game editor for the game which could allow you to do all sort of fun things in it.... Having the game back is great, but messing around with the details in the game always made it that much better!!!

    I don't really know how to ask the question properly that makes sense but is it possible to modify the game data from one single file that runs in DOSBox?? I know the editor was a .exe but I should be able to modify the source code once I can get at the saved files...

    Sorry is this doesn't make sense...
    Thanks in advance

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    editing saved game (X-COM terror from the deep)
    The packed version auto-run of this great game for OS X, has the saved games inside. You just need to control-click on the app, select "show package contents", and from there contents->resources-> and done.

    good luck editing

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