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    Organizing an Iphoto "Album"
    Is there anyway to organize the appearance of an Iphoto album into the "event" folders that are all in the album. I basically want take 20 events and put them all in one place together, but still see them as separate folders... Not 2000 pictures. Any ideas?


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    Don't think so. Events are stored in Events. Albums display individual pictures.

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    Events are, by definition, chronologically-organized groupings of photos. So they cannot be rearranged.

    The problem, I think, is that you are not understanding iPhoto's structure. The Library is your collection of photos, and EVERYTHING ELSE you see in iPhoto is just an interpretation of some portion of that Library. Events is one view, Faces is another, Photos is another.

    Likewise, Albums should be thought of as subsets of the library manually organized by you. This is why when you add or delete something from an Album, it is neither duplicated nor deleted in the Library. Albums are just "filters" or "views" of the library.

    If you want 20 events in an Album, you can do that. You can also "merge" Events if you really want to, but again it doesn't actually change anything.

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    Your question is a bit unclear but if you are talking about nexted folders, sure you can nest Albums - ie one Higher level album which is a collection of everything and then sub albums containing just what you want.
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