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    Sync Blackberry and Mac
    I want to sync my BB with Mac to share calenders and address book. I have no direct access with my Macs to our blackberry server. Using the BB software not all data from the calendar is transmitted properly. Particularly the calenders do not sync well. Annual data like birthdays for example come on my Mac all under one day. Emai addresses are transmitted. However, when I sync my ipad with mac they are not transmitted to the ipad

    Which syncsoftware works really efficiently?

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    I have used Missing Sync for my blackberry and it works well, you do have to purchase it though. I have used the BB software to sync mine without issue too. Not sure what may be going on with yours. You may have multiple calendars and you need to make sure that you showing all of them. (This would be on the BB itself)

    BTW I have a BB Bold 9000

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