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    New Mac Book, help!
    greetings! i would like to ask for some help. i have a 15" macbook pro, and recently got a 13" macbook pro. i used migration assistant to transfer my iphoto library and itunes library. i used an ethernet cable and waited 2 hours for the transporting to finish. when i checked my macbook 13", it transported even the old itunes software. when i log out of my account (on my macbook 13") and log in using a guest account, the new itunes software is there but without any of my music. same goes with iphoto. is there a way i can get my photos and music to the new itunes and new iphoto? cos the new macbook 13" already comes with iLife '11. i would like to use that instead of the old itunes and iphoto that i accidentally transferred to my new computer. thanks in advance for your kind assistance!

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    copy your itunes music folder to an external. itunes isnt part of ilife, you can get it off the apple site. just import it off the external into the library you want.

    im not sure i understood your post though
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    Yes, if I understand your post correctly, just locate and delete the old copy of the iTunes application. Then open the newer iTunes (or re-download the latest one), tell it where your library is (if it doesn't automatically pick that up) and there you go.

    Of course you won't see your admin account's music and photos et al from another account. That's true of any Mac at any time. Accounts are separated from each other.

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