I wish I would have found something on the web for this. I got an ipad for christmas and wanted to use it for my next semester and college and I didn't know what apps to get. I downloaded a bunch of them and wasted a lot of money because some are basically worthless and are not good for what I need.

These are 5 apps that you NEED for your ipad FOR SCHOOL! not in any particular order.

1. Pages

I use pages to type my reports and to send to iwork so other people can view and edit them and I find this is the best program on the ipad to type your reports.

2. Airsharing HD

This is for organizing your files on your ipad and also having easy access to files online. Lets say you have your mac at home with you, you open air sharing HD on your ipad and turn on some settings on your mac and you can view the files on the computer. But that part isn't important seeing that your only taking the ipad to school. but it is good because it is also easy to transfer the files over. You can easy access box.net and dropbox from this app and organize your class files on here. For example, I have four classes and made four folder for each class. Since The teachers keep stuff online, I just downloaded and "open with" airsharing and keep the files from each class organized here. Mostly for when my teachers give us the sylabus and problems in PDF or Word or Powerpoint. Or basically anything. I keep them here organized and can easily view them.
3. Notability

Best app by far to take notes in class. It isn't that pretty but you can record right on it and record what your teacher is saying and it so easy to take notes here. you can indent really easy and add pictures really easy and it is a joy to use in class. It isn't complicated and gets the job done WHILE recording what the teacher is saying. Very easy to take notes like this. It can change font, bold, underline, change color and all that good stuff. You'd be suprised, some apps can't. Also you can upload file straight to dropbox from here. Really easy.
4. Penultimate

I bought a ipad stylus from ten one design and it is awesome to use with this app. Of course it is hard to take notes on a writing program like notablilty and your teacher draws something on the board, what do you do? you open this app and start drawing too with your stylus, really easy to use. and is somewhat fun. What your finished copying what your teacher was drawing. You press "save to photos" then, open up notability and open up the class notes that you were taking before the teacher had to draw something and insert the picture from the "Saved photos" album in your pictures and you have what you drew right in your notes. Very easy and very cool. Also very effective.
5. note taker HD

Just downloaded this app and I think it is cool cause it is like penultimate but it has a zoom in feature that lets you write better. I would use this to show my friends math problems and draw things for them they do not understand and i want it to be more detailed then in penultimate where you can't really detail in because there is no zoom in feature. Harder to use then penultimate, but penultimate comes in handy when your right on the spot and need to illustrate something right quick and send it to photos and then paste that photo into notability. When everything needs to be fast, use penultimate, this app, more detail when drawing things.

so there you have it, youtube all the apps to see how they are used. HOPE this is helpful.