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    How to import bookmarks in Safari
    I finally upgraded from Tiger to Snow Leopard. Before I upgraded, I made a Carbon Copy of my HDD. Now, how do I get my bookmarks from Safari on the backup HDD (old OS) to the new one?

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    Both OSes as far as I know store their bookmarks in the /users/youruser/Library/Safari/ folder.
    Try copying the entire Safari folder to the same place on the snow leopard HD with Safari quit. Launch Safari and see if it worked.
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    OK, I found the 'bookmarks.plist' from the backup. I copied it to desktop and imported into Safari. They show up under 'bookmarkbar' if I click the bookmark shortcut, but they are not actually on the bookmark bar. WTF?

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    Got it. I had to copy the bookmarks.plst file into the home--->Library--->Safari folder.

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    Did you lose your bookmarks when you upgraded? I'm pretty sure that I didn't.

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